A Big Weekend

And as promised (only a couple of months tardy), the time I found out I was pregnant with Matt’s and my first…

Matt summited the tallest peak in North America (Mt. McKinley or Denali) on Friday, May 10.

I was working at my office in downtown Anchorage on Friday, May 10.

I knew I was pregnant. I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test yet, but I just knew.


Matt the Mountaineer

On Saturday, May 11 I woke up and went to the store and picked up  a two pregnancy tests (4 sticks total). They all came back with double lines ( = pregnant).

I just stared at myself in the mirror for about a minute and then looked at Rider, my pup, smiled and said “well, you’re going to be a big brother.”

Matt called that afternoon. He had summited and was going to head back to Talkeetna (a town that is the last pit stop before leaving for Denali or the first pit stop when returning from the mountain) on Sunday, May 12 (Mother’s Day) and he asked me to pick him up.

I picked him up the next day and Matt looked like a mountaineer; the tan face with lines where his sunglasses and hat protected his skin for almost two weeks. He had a beard and he was happy. He and his team were the first to summit Denali for the season and 2013 also marked the 100th year of mountaineers summiting the “Great One”. I kept my mouth shut about the baby. I wanted him to bask in this amazing accomplishment and I figured I would tell him the good news the next day.


Our first family photo in Talkeetna. Denali is to the right of Matt’s head.

On Monday, May 13 I worked and Matt went to work for a few hours. I had planned on breaking the news to him that evening. I welcomed the distraction of work. I know many women tell their husbands or significant others as soon as the pee stick registers as positive, but unfortunately my husband was literally on top of the tallest peak in North America and I couldn’t call him if I wanted to. For me, a few more days gave me time to think of a way to tell him.

After work I went to pilates. My instructor even asked me if I was feeling alright because I couldn’t breath correctly that evening. I smiled and answered honestly, “no, but I’ll be fine.” I was nervous. I was going to tell my husband that we were expecting a baby. That is heavy ish! Exciting, but how many times does this happen in a lifetime? This is serious stuff to me!

A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant, Matt was looking through our books and mentioned that he didn’t have J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit. He also mentioned that he would need to add that to his collection, especially once he has children so he can read it to them. Soooo…

After pilates I jetted over to the bookstore and picked up a copy of The Hobbit and stuck this little note inside the cover. I had photoshopped the note earlier that day to make it look like the double lines that I saw on the pregnancy test. I made my way home and presented Matt with his gift.


He had not a clue. Absolutely. No. Clue. What. Was. Coming.

Matt opened the book, smiled, and then saw the note. He read it and it took a few moments for it to register. He said, “what?!” and then looked at me. I smiled and said, “yep, I’m pregnant and now you have The Hobbit to read to the baby.”

We hugged. I will always remember that moment…

Well, that’s it. That’s our story. However, when people ask how Matt found out, he usually says something like this, “I had just come off the mountain and Jen told me less than 24 hours after I summited.” As if it’s a bit pathetic on my end to “steal his thunder.” Ha! To which my response is usually super duper sassy where I remind him that I had known I was pregnant for almost three days and I didn’t tell him until a day and a half after I picked him up. I give myself props for holding it in that long…

How did you tell your spouse you were expecting? Do you have any special ways that you would like to spill the beans?

Perhaps when I have another baby, I will wait many days, weeks, or maybe even months to tell Matt since 48 + hours is too soon for him to learn of such news.  😉

A Tribe Called Red

In the previous post, Let It Go, I mentioned that I was listening to the new album, I Am Mountain by Gungor. After that album had cycled through, A Tribe Called Red was next in the queue. If you haven’t heard the song Electric Pow Wow Drum, you are missing out. Oh. My. Gosh. I love this song. Their sound is an eclectic blend of electric music with a handful of everything thrown in…

Matt and I went to the University of Anchorage to see Into the Mind a few weeks ago and when this song came on, Matt and I made eye contact and without words said, “Wow. Amazing!”

Check them out. I just listened to the song two times in a row. Let me know if you like it as much as me…Enjoy!


Let It Go

We discussed trying for a family toward the end of this year (2013).

We were only a few months early.

I listened to the new album I Am Mountain by Gungor this evening and I love the lyrics of Let It Go:

You’ve been waiting there
Waiting for the right time
Looking for a perfect rhyme
Never comes around

It is all here
It is all now
Open up your eyes and look around
It’ll go

Let it go…

Being pregnant has so many lessons. I have only begun to scratch the surface of how many lessons I could learn. The one that has really pressed into me and turned my world upside down is learning to let it go. What is “it” anyway? It is everything. It is so much more than expecting a baby for me. It is accepting that life just is. I can try to control it from every angle; make it right; make it fit into my life. But the more I try to make everything perfect, the more out of control I feel.

I was looking for the right time to expect a baby and it came a bit earlier than I had expected, but here I am, 29 weeks along and “it is all here and It is all now…”

Psalm 31:15
“My times are in your hand…”

Do you live in the moment? Do you ever think about what it is that you need to let go of in your life?


This blog is appropriately titled. It has been months since I posted so clearly I lack fluency and eloquence with keeping up the ol’ blog.

Life is like that, though; ineloquent; lacking fluency; not flowing beautifully from one day to the next…

The past few months for me have felt more like a quick-blink-of-the-eye or perhaps like whiplash.

On May 11 I found out that I was pregnant. Since then it has been a whirlwind. While I have been so overjoyed by this new life that will be here in January, I have also been so very overwhelmed.

I know that many have felt this way during their pregnancy (or you know of someone who has had similar experiences). I have definitely had friends and family relate their experiences and I have read snippets in books and on pregnancy blogs, but I want to include my voice. The humorous parts, the parts that I can’t seem to find in pregnancy books/doctor appointments/etc, the awesome moments, and much more.

I hope to shake the dust off this computer screen and keyboard so stay tuned for Part 1: Matt Summits Denali. I Start to Grow a Baby.

Birthday Wishes

“Old age is no place for sissies.” – Bette Davis

Dear Mom,

I know this birthday is a big deal for you. It should be. You’ve lived a lot of life up until this point; just please don’t forget that there’s a lot of life yet to live. I know you know that. I’m just saying it because it’s what everyone else says when it’s a “big deal” birthday. 😉 I wish I could celebrate your day with you in-person, but I am sending the most wonderful thoughts your way on your day!

John said it best at Grandma DeeDee’s sixtieth birthday over twenty two years ago. After DeeDee blew out her candles on her birthday cake, little seven-year-old JohnJohn said, “way to go, Lory!”

Hear! Hear! “Way to go, Mom!”

Rock your sixties. Rock the socks right off this decade!


Mom & Me - Summer 2012 in Alaska

Mom & Me – Summer 2012 in Alaska