I could talk anyone’s ear off just ask my family and friends…or even my dog! Unfortunately for them my words are not usually concise, coherent (I make up words or pronounce them incorrectly) and I can take a few different turns before reaching my conclusion. Oh wait, that is if there is an *actual* conclusion. Oy! There you have it…I’m ineloquent, but I’m me. I suppose I am doing my friends and family (and don’t forget my dog) a favor by blabbing on the “intraweb” rather than face-to-face so that if they want me to be quiet they can simply stop reading. However, I hope they (and you) do read and realize that I am much more than the things I’m not. I’m passionate about many things to include my faith, my marriage, my dogs, photography, the water crisis in Ethiopia, fighting the proposed pebble mine in Bristol Bay, good eats, design, and discovering the beauty of the last frontier of Alaska. This is my place to share.

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