Father’s Day in January

In the six weeks since Finn came into the world I have probably slept less than I would have anticipated, cried more than I thought possible at the age of thirty-one, spent more time watching Netflix than I would care to admit, and have fallen in love with my husband and baby boy more than I thought possible.


To process this transformation from an independent and child-less life to one where I am busting at the seams with love for this tiny person who wails constantly, I have to get “it” out. “It” meaning telling Finn’s birth story, talk about this new love that I have invested in such a tiny (and loud) person, and a new appreciation for my spouse, Matt.

It seems appropriate that I begin by talking about my husband; my best friend and my son’s father (and it should be mentioned that Matt is an awesome birth coach!)

Finn was born on his due date, January 13th. Timely, eh? The first night in the hospital was anything but quiet and peaceful. Finn was fussy and never seemed to stop crying and Matt and I were both thinking the same thing, “Uh-oh, we have a baby and he’s ours. What were we thinking?!” Matt was with me for the next ten days. I’ll never forget how supportive he was of me and the baby and how the three of us came together as a family. Since I had a c-section I couldn’t get out of bed the first night in the hospital so Matt was up with him, rocking him, changing his diapers, and bringing him over to me so I could nurse.

The first image I have of Matt and Finn together is when they wheeled me into the hospital room. I looked into the corner of the room and there was Matt with a big grin on his face and Finn was snuggled inside his red plaid shirt, skin-to-skin. It was such a beautiful image that it brought tears to my eyes. I knew Matt would melt the moment he held Finn and seeing the two of them together made me melt into a big puddle too.


You hear all about how mother’s intuition and how they are changed the moment their child is born, but I witnessed an incredible bond a father can have as well.  Matt stepped into his new role of Dad with ease, patience, and complete love. He has handled fatherhood like a complete pro. I am so thankful for this man. He is my best friend and to watch him bond with “our” son is indescribable.


Matt reading “The Hobbit” to Finn while in the hospital

Thank you to my husband for being an incredible father already. Our son is lucky to have you and I am, too.

Matt with Finn at work

Matt with Finn at work




Taking a snooze together

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day in January

  1. Jen, thank you for putting your thoughts down for the rest of us to read, it makes the distance between us not seem so great. The time your dad and I spent with the 3 of you after Finn was born gave us the chance to watch you and Matt as new parents and we were delighted. God gave Finn the perfect parents for him. As Finn grows and becomes his own person you will have the chance to experience what your dad and I experience with you and your siblings, how proud we are of who you are! Much love to you, Matt and of course our Finnegan! God bless your family. Mom

  2. Jen what a beautiful “birth report”. I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs brought tears to my eyes it was so heartwarming. Your mom had called BopBop and I as soon as she heard you were in labor and I immediately started my “prayer watch”. I was sitting right by the phone when Mary called to tell us the news. The news of Finn’s birth was so wonderful, I never get over the thrill of hearing there is another little baby in our family. We’re enjoying all of the pictures of the three of you, you don’t seem so far away. Can’t wait to meet sweet Master Finn. Hugs and God Bless Dee Dee

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