It’s (almost) 2014!

Bring on everyone’s favorite line, “2014 is going to be the best year!”


While I enjoy people’s enthusiasm and optimism for the next 365 days, I can guarantee that in less than 24 hours the complaining and every day rituals will set in and we will soon forget our hope for 2014 to be the “best year.”

My advice: How about just trying to make today “the best day”. Add that up over 365 days, then maybe we will find that 2014 really was the best year (because of a positive attitude and not because of life’s circumstances.)

Give thanks. Seriously. It makes a difference in a world where it’s so easy to complain. Will you join me in 2014 in giving thanks, even in the midst of heartache and self-pity?

On a side note, I’m pretty pumped for 2014! I’m bringing a baby into this world in 2014…say whaaaat?! In the next couple of weeks (let’s hope and pray) Matt and I will welcome this little babe into this world and we are excited and it definitely feels like I’m in a dream. Too surreal and too unbelievable to put into words.

2014, bring it on (baby and all)!


2 thoughts on “2014

  1. Totally agree Jen!!! I’m so excited for you and Matt, you guys are going to be amazing parents. Such a cliche but being a parent changes you in ways that you won’t have expected & I mean beyond the exhaustion, amazing discoveries & stretch marks.

    I do fall into the group of people that loves the blank slate that a new year brings & a chance to get it right. Every year of my life has been an amazing experience and each one leaves me even more grateful for the simple pleasures of health, family, a good cup of coffee and laughter. This year I resolve to not beat myself for what I haven’t done or need to do & celebrate the love and joy in my life.

    Happy New Year Jen!!!

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