Let It Go

We discussed trying for a family toward the end of this year (2013).

We were only a few months early.

I listened to the new album I Am Mountain by Gungor this evening and I love the lyrics of Let It Go:

You’ve been waiting there
Waiting for the right time
Looking for a perfect rhyme
Never comes around

It is all here
It is all now
Open up your eyes and look around
It’ll go

Let it go…

Being pregnant has so many lessons. I have only begun to scratch the surface of how many lessons I could learn. The one that has really pressed into me and turned my world upside down is learning to let it go. What is “it” anyway? It is everything. It is so much more than expecting a baby for me. It is accepting that life just is. I can try to control it from every angle; make it right; make it fit into my life. But the more I try to make everything perfect, the more out of control I feel.

I was looking for the right time to expect a baby and it came a bit earlier than I had expected, but here I am, 29 weeks along and “it is all here and It is all now…”

Psalm 31:15
“My times are in your hand…”

Do you live in the moment? Do you ever think about what it is that you need to let go of in your life?

One thought on “Let It Go

  1. I’m a HUGE control freak and the whole kids thing scares the crap out of me. Thanks for reminding me that it’s so much better to let God take control…

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