This blog is appropriately titled. It has been months since I posted so clearly I lack fluency and eloquence with keeping up the ol’ blog.

Life is like that, though; ineloquent; lacking fluency; not flowing beautifully from one day to the next…

The past few months for me have felt more like a quick-blink-of-the-eye or perhaps like whiplash.

On May 11 I found out that I was pregnant. Since then it has been a whirlwind. While I have been so overjoyed by this new life that will be here in January, I have also been so very overwhelmed.

I know that many have felt this way during their pregnancy (or you know of someone who has had similar experiences). I have definitely had friends and family relate their experiences and I have read snippets in books and on pregnancy blogs, but I want to include my voice. The humorous parts, the parts that I can’t seem to find in pregnancy books/doctor appointments/etc, the awesome moments, and much more.

I hope to shake the dust off this computer screen and keyboard so stay tuned for Part 1: Matt Summits Denali. I Start to Grow a Baby.

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