Birthday Wishes

“Old age is no place for sissies.” – Bette Davis

Dear Mom,

I know this birthday is a big deal for you. It should be. You’ve lived a lot of life up until this point; just please don’t forget that there’s a lot of life yet to live. I know you know that. I’m just saying it because it’s what everyone else says when it’s a “big deal” birthday. 😉 I wish I could celebrate your day with you in-person, but I am sending the most wonderful thoughts your way on your day!

John said it best at Grandma DeeDee’s sixtieth birthday over twenty two years ago. After DeeDee blew out her candles on her birthday cake, little seven-year-old JohnJohn said, “way to go, Lory!”

Hear! Hear! “Way to go, Mom!”

Rock your sixties. Rock the socks right off this decade!


Mom & Me - Summer 2012 in Alaska

Mom & Me – Summer 2012 in Alaska

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Dear Jen, just saw your post this morning. Thank you! About half-way through the day yesterday I realized I was going to make it! I know my greatest concern about this birthday is the regret for time wasted and mistakes made along the way. However this is a new decade alive with new opportunities, and praise God I have been granted grace to take advantage of whatever comes my way.
    I love you and will we will all miss you, and Matt when we celebrate my birthday this weekend. Thanks for the picture, that was not a “wasted time”.

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