For Matt

Matt turned 36-years-old two days ago (March 9).

He wasn’t too excited about his birthday. Most of it has to do with the fact that it is two days prior to the anniversary of the tsunami that rocked Japan and Matt’s family two years ago.

I can empathize with being torn about celebrating a day that is so close to another day that is a reminder of something terrible and tragic in life.

However, when tragedy strikes I am the type of person who likes to reflect on God’s blessings that much more. There are many reasons to celebrate a birthday in light of other circumstances:

  • Without his grandmother, Matt would never be on this earth. Let’s celebrate loved ones who blessed us with the gift of life.
  • I celebrate Matt. He is a good man with a sweet soul and a rough exterior. I celebrate the day he was born!
  • Some people are wishing they could have another birthday this year, but they won’t live to see another year pass them by. I celebrate because I can while others can not.

Being thankful is not something that comes naturally for most. Counting our blessings has to be practiced.

Daily. Moment-by-moment.

A birthday comes once a year. May it be one day of the year that you celebrate being born, being alive, and all of the good (and sometimes bad) that comes with this big world. I am so very sorry for the hurt that came pouring down on Matt and his family two years ago. I wish I could take it all away. But I welcome the opportunity it has given me to be thankful. I hope Matt can come to appreciate his birthday as much as I do…

I wish Matt all the best in his 36th year.

And I have gratitude for a couple from Japan whom I never had the chance to meet because without them I wouldn’t have the most precious gift in my life.

Today I am…

Thinking of my Komatsu family.
Celebrating life.

My Matty K

My Matty K

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