A New Year & Devotchka

I have a handful of favorite live shows. Two out of those handful have taken place here in Alaska. This state never ceases to amaze me. The music scene here is legit. I was a bit concerned that being apart from the Lower 48 that many bands wouldn’t sidetrack their tour to travel all…the…….way to Alaska. Good thing I was wrong.

Last December I saw Andrew Bird perform his “one man band” and it was amazing. One of my favorite shows. And then last week, for New Year’s Eve, Matt, a friend, and I went to check out Devotchka at a local theater pub, Bear Tooth. The group consists of four instruments and vocals and if you haven’t heard of Devotchka, then check up on them…stat! Actually, you have probably listened to them without realizing it. Devotchka provided the majority of the music along with the score for the film Little Miss Sunshine.


There was so much energy coming off that stage and since Bear Tooth shows are usually standing room only, you get to be that much more up close and personal with the performers. They. Rocked. Hard. They took a brief intermission right before midnight where we had a chance to grab some champagne (or crappy sparkling wine if you will) and then they returned to the stage with a clock in hand to help us with the countdown to 2013.


It was a fantastic way to ring in the new year. I look forward to watching some more amazing shows in 2013. Seriously, who would have thought that Anchorage would have such a good music scene?

I have quickly rated Anchorage (in terms of places I have lived in the US) in terms of the music scene and so far it ties with Tucson, AZ.

1. Tucson, AZ – The Rialto Theatre and Club Congress are the places to go when in the area
1. Anchorage, AK – Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Bear Tooth, and (I have to pitch a music festival hosted by the organization I work for) Salmonstock.
3. Grand Rapids, MI
4. Columbia, SC
5. Kalamazoo, MI
6. Spooner, WI (doesn’t really count since it’s small town, USA and I didn’t get out to shows while growing up.)

I will be writing more posts specific to Anchorage and Alaska. Before I moved here I had questions, such as what the music scene looked like and it was hard to find quick and easy information. This is my small part in keeping it filed away for easy reference to point friends and family to check out. Perhaps I can shed some new light on this place that seems to be riddled with bad (and sometimes good) stereotypes. I will include it in the links above in the main menu once I file everything together in the next couple weeks.

How did you ring in the new year? Any amazing shows you have been to recently or epic ones that you will always remember? Perhaps you have a crazy stereotype of Alaska you want me to prove to be true or false…I will just put it out there that we don’t live in igloos.

Anyway, I really do hope you have been enjoying yourselves thus far in 2013. And don’t forget to check out Devotchka. If they roll into your city, don’t hesitate, buy a ticket. You’re welcome.

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