It’s Too Early

I woke up this morning to Matt coming home from “hot yoga”. I rolled over and looked at the time and assumed that he wouldn’t be running in to work based on what time it was. I asked him if he was going to need a ride to work and he confirmed with a “yep.” As he got his things ready, I made a bee line to the little girl’s room. As I was walking back into the bedroom I made a few statements and asked him a few questions to which he responded with an answer that sounded like an echo of my statement. I shook my head and said groggily with sleep still in my eyes, “you don’t listen; I just said that.”

Matt responded, “No, I don’t hear you because you mumble.”

Yes. I mumble. One more piece of evidence to back up my title of being “ineloquent”. But dang, it was way too early to be hearing a snarky comment and then have to drive someone in to work. I may mumble, but can I get a break and at least have my cup of coffee in the morning?

What did you just say to me? Oh no you di’nt…

Ha! Well, I’m off to get that second cup of coffee and to work on annunciating the words coming out of my mouth…

Have you ever been told you mumble? Did you have a rude wake up call today? Do you practice speech warmups like “the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” or “unique new york, unique new york, unique new york”…?

Happy Friday Eve, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “It’s Too Early

  1. Eric is a mumbler too!! I constantly say “What did you say?” “I can’t hear you.” “Huh?”… I know it has to drive him crazy but I need him to do some of your warmups!! 🙂

  2. Ok something funny I must share that I just realized. Since I unfortunately don’t see you as often as I wish I could (which for the record would be every day) I think it’s probably normal that when you think of someone you picture them in your mind. This face and expression you’re making is how my mind recalls you when I think of you. Not a Jen with some sort of school picture day cheese ball smile, but this look of shear hilarity and defiance against social norms like smiling for the camera. But don’t think Matt has it any better in ‘mind de la Kara’. My brain doesn’t even pull up a facial image of him, I merely think of entirely too short man running shorts. My brain can’t process anything further, like a face.

    Anyway I just miss your face… That face. The face that says…well I don’t know what it says, I flat lined for a minute.


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