Seven days in the sun, sand and surf has prepared me for the next seven months (ok I exaggerate) of snow, cold, and darkness. Matty K and I spent a wonderful week in Sayulita, Mexico for one week and we returned to a snow-covered Anchorage a few days ago. Sayulita was beautiful and the food was even better. Matt almost pulled off a hang ten on his surfboard while I stuck to my soft top board and caught less and less waves as the days went on. Go figure.

My favorite part? Having no schedule and waking up to a cup of coffee, a warm ocean breeze, a few steps from the surf, and some of the best food I’ve had in quite some time. Yes, Mexico, you are special. I appreciate all it has to offer, but I was actually ready to come home after seven days; especially after I got to watch a spectacular show of northern lights for three hours as I sat on the plane back home to Anchorage (and I was excited to see my two fluffy puppies who were waiting for us to get home).

Keep it real, Mexico. Until next time…

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