Miss Bonaroo

I was perusing PetFinder when I saw her sweet face.

This was in April.

I rolled over and showed Matt her photo. I said that she was going to be our dog.

He chuckled and said she was “pretty cute.”

Little did he know I was dead serious.

We called to ask a few questions about her, but she was all the way in Fairbanks (a 6 hour drive from Anchorage).

Matt had stuff going on in the spring and summer that kept us from visiting her.

I inquired about the dog in August. She was still available for adoption.


I went up to visit her on September 1 and I knew that she was a perfect fit for our family.

I had to wait until Matt returned home so we could visit her together.

October 20 we made the drive up to Fairbanks; Matt, Rider, and me.

She melted Matt’s heart within 30 minutes.

The next 24 hours were quite interesting (which will be explained in further detail at a later date). But the best part?

We adopted her! Or maybe she adopted us…

Either way, she makes our family an even four and she also rounds out the two boys that I had to live with.

(Who am I talking about?)

Our new addition to the family!

(Her name?)


She had a brother that was rescued with her and his name was Clyde (get it? Let’s see those gears turning in your head…). Matt and I always wanted to go to the music festival, Bonnaroo, and so we have been calling her just that, or “Roo” for short.

I will tell more stories about her another time, but right now I need to go snuggle with that sweet little girl.

Welcome home, Miss Roo. Thanks for waiting for us to move to Alaska so we could meet you…and melt our hearts.

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