Settling In

I used to despise it.

It = Fall

As a kid fall meant that another school year was in session (ugh) and I had to say goodbye to green grass, warm breezes, flowers, summer birds, summer nights, and sandals.

Fall also meant that winter was at our heals. I didn’t exactly appreciate winter either.

Then I moved to Arizona and then to South Carolina. Two states that don’t have distinct seasons; much different than the states of Wisconsin and Michigan where I grew up. I found myself missing fall (and winter).

What had happened to me? I was actually craving seasons and I am sure this made my husband very happy who happens to be the abominable snowman. We moved to Alaska in the peak of fall. Almost one year ago today. The aspens and cottonwoods were bright yellow and the contrast with the spruce upon the mountains was breathtaking. The air was crisp in the morning when I went for my first morning run in Alaska. The sound of leaves beneath my feet covered in a light frost made me smile. I was only sad that I was going to be leaving for Ethiopia and wouldn’t enjoy an Alaskan fall.

But here I sit in my home in Anchorage and I am settling in for another fall. The air smells of wet leaves and bonfires from our neighbors hosting a backyard get-together. The golden light of fall beckons me to go for a hike and to pack my camera to snap a few photos. Hot tea and coffee sound delicious at any time of the day and sweaters, layers, boots, and jackets are in a constant rotation in my closet.

I’m a convert. I only had to move away from the familiar to know that I really loved fall.

That’s life and its lessons, right? You have to get it wrong before you can get it right.

So, as I sit in my office during my Saturday morning ritual of reading, sipping coffee, browsing the internet, listening to music, and writing in my booklet of “10,000 reasons” I am writing #356 as “I’m thankful for the change in seasons, specifically fall.”

Psalm 104:19
“He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.”

Yep, I’m settling in to this new/familiar life of seasons and all is well within my soul. This is currently on repeat in my house…

What is your favorite season? Are you a fan of fall? What music do you listen to when the seasons change?

One thought on “Settling In

  1. Hi Jen, I love this entry and I can relate. Yesterday (the 30th) it was 100 degrees! It is so wonderful to read this especially after our visit. I can picture going for a hike on the inlet trail. What a beautiful spot. We will miss the peak of our fall colors but Charlie has posted some beautiful pictures she takes right from her living room window. So I won’t exactly be missing out. Love you Dawn

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