A Challenge + You & Me

Clean water, say what?!

If you know me even just a tiny bit, then you know I care about clean water. I am very excited to share an amazing opportunity with you to be involved with a grassroots non-profit which I got involved with earlier this year. They go by the name Alaska Sudan Medical Project, or ASMP, and they currently work in South Sudan where they provide health centers, medical care, water wells, and the list goes on. I really respect the people who make up this awesome (totally a legit word to use here) organization, but even more impressive is their approach in ensuring that the work they accomplish is truly sustainable.

ASMP has been accepted into National Geographic’s Global Challenge for the month of September. Which means we have 30 days to raise $5,000 from 50 unique donors to support the drilling and installation of a new water well for 400 school children in Old Fangak (a village in South Sudan). If this goal is reached, not only will a new water well be built, but ASMP becomes a permanent part of the online GlobalGiving community. To be a part of this community will increase the visibility of ASMP and allow more people to donate and play a part in seeing positive change in Old Fangak.

This really is an amazing opportunity for this grassroots organization and the people in Old Fangak. I know some of you are just as interested and passionate as I am about clean water in East Africa so whatever you are able to donate – $10, $25, (or $5000!), will make a huge difference.

Click on the link below and spread the news to your friends and family about getting a water well for children in South Sudan!!


(Cool tidbit of information: If you share the ASMP’s Global Giving page on your Facebook page, ASMP gets ranked higher and gets that much closer to a $$ bonus!)

Thanks for your support!

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