Five Countries; One Family

It’s been a *very* busy three weeks. So busy that I actually spoke to Matty K for the first time on the phone two days ago. That means I have been able to speak to him once in almost 21 days. I’m not here for a pity party or an “ahhh, really? That’s a bummer.” I only use it as an example to emphasize how busy I am and Matt, too.

Actually, my family (on Matt’s side) is very busy. In fact, in the next few days I will have family all over the world. I don’t exaggerate. With that being said, this is just a request to remember them in prayer. For safety, for health, and for reassurance that even though we are all far away from each other that we have a God we can trust who is in control.

I am also writing to those of you who don’t leave the comforts of your own home when perhaps, maybe, God has something bigger for you. Sometimes God’s plans and “greatest times of our life” are things and experiences that we wouldn’t have thought in a million years would have brought us happiness.

Dare to trust Him today. With everything. Even it means you could be pulled away from family and friends. Just imagine that if God chooses to do so that the reward is even greater than if you were to stay at home with family and friends…even greater!!! God’s plans are always bigger, better, and more than we can imagine…

Who are you missing today? Do you trust that God has a beautiful plan for you and your life even if you are far away from family and friends? Or perhaps you lost a loved one well before you wanted them to go? For those who are missing someone today I am praying that God will fill you with peace and joy…

This is dirty me returning from Salmonstock. I hadn’t showered in over four days and I was completely exhausted, but I had a chance to talk to Matt shortly before this photo was taken…

I had beautiful scenery to keep me company and awake for the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Anchorage…

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