Baby S

I created another inspiration board for a baby’s room. I was on a roll yesterday.

This board is for a friend who is having a baby in October. I totally creeped on her Pinterest board for ideas she had pinned for her baby’s room. I noticed a theme in all of her photos of bright hues of blue, green and the classic white. Her inspiration seemed to be so bright and cheery and it was fun to create. I am unsure if it is a boy/girl and the things in this room could easily be swapped to be more “boyish”. For example, some of the owl accessories could be switched out for dinosaurs or robots and the floral rug could be swapped for the oh so popular right now (blue and white) chevron rug, like this one. What are your thoughts on unisex rooms? Do you like them? Or do you prefer to keep the rooms distinctly boy or girl?

1) White Pendant – West Elm
2) White Frames – Ikea
3) Yellow Owl – Etsy
4) Multi-colored frames – Etsy
5) Wood Letter “S” – Etsy
6) “What I Love” Poster – Tad Carpenter
7) Green Dresser – Etsy
8) Woven Side Table – Urban Outfitters
9) Green Dot Sheets – Dwell Studio
10) Jenny Lind Crib – Amazon
11) Floral Rug – Urban Outfitters
12) Floor Lamp – Target
13) Billy Bookcase – Ikea
14) Charcoal Recliner – West Elm
15) Personalized Pillow – Red Envelope
16) Owl Frame –  Dwell Studio

Personally, I am totally digging the crib and the pendant. A few notes for the above items. Blank white frames (#2) can easily be filled with personal photos, artwork, etc and are on the cheaper side of frames. The multi-colored frames could easily be transformed with cork boards, chalkboards, wire mesh for hanging artwork (with a clothespin) and these already come painted! Wahoo! I love the simple sheets because you can mix and match with so many blankets and throws that babies are sure to collect and with just the fitted sheet, you can really see the beauty of the crib. The bookcase is just a cheapy from Ikea that can be filled with baskets for blankets and/or toys or even books as they accumulate more. It also sits low to the ground so a cushion can be thrown on top for more seating. I added the red bicycle pillow because Red Envelope has a lot of personalized items and I think it makes a room more charming to have something personalized (plus I love the punch of red).

Here’s to wishing Baby S all the best!

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