Baby Fever

My mind goes everywhere and anywhere. Yesterday it was all about fabrics, colors and babes. No, not the hunks on Baywatch, but little tiny human beings. I like to call the tiny ones babes, too.

* Disclaimer (mostly for my mom, family, and dear friends): I am not pregnant, nor am I ready for a baby.*
** Another Disclaimer: Yes, yes, I know that no one is “ever really ready for a baby.” Thank you. I understood this the first one hundred times I have had someone tell me this. Ha! **

Yesterday evening I had a grand old time sitting on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Scrubs with Matty K and perusing websites on baby designed rooms. I think Matty peed his pants (a little bit) while I cooed over every other cute room I came across. So to satisfy my desire to play with colors/textures and babes, I had fun coming up with an inspiration board. I had bought fabric swatches in May for a few projects I wanted to do around the house and when I put them all together I loved the colors and thought it would be cute for a baby’s room. The room colors and design is not what I would do for my baby which is why this was fun. I love using Sherwin Williams Chip it! You can upload your own image or you can choose one you see online and it comes up with paint colors from within their line. Genius. Or as this shirt suggests…

via cafepress

These were the fabric swatches I had picked out from Joann fabrics (I used Sherwin Williams Chip it! program to upload my photo):

One of the fabrics above I used for a project in my bedroom. Can you guess which one? Anyway, from the swatch I came up with this board for a sweet little girl’s room:

1. Pendant – Shades of Light
2. Fawn Print – The Animal Print Shop
3. Woven Baskets – Made Goods
4. Midcentury Dresser – Etsy
5. Whitewashed Arrows – Etsy
6. Bird Pillow – West Elm 
7. Yellow Rug – Layla Grace
8. Gray Chair – Home Decorators
9. Pink Bunny Lamp – Cyrillus
10. Ikat Tray – One Kings Lane 
11. White Crib – Muu Kids
12. Woodland Print – Etsy 
13. Rose Gold Lamp – Nate Berkus

I am a sucker for mid-century modern pieces and the buffet (turned into changing table/dresser) is swoon worthy. And the little bunny lamp (#9) had me at “hello”. This room could easily transition as they grow older which is something else I deem very important. I don’t want to have to buy a million pieces of furniture as my child grows. Some of you who (who are probably the ones who are quick to ensure me that I will never be ready to have a baby) probably want to tell me that it’s just gonna happen. Ok, maybe you are right, but for now I refuse to accept it and I will keep dreaming of baby’s rooms.

Seriously, though, I should probably finish a few projects around my home before I keep making more baby inspiration boards. But if you are on the market for some more inspiration, holla back and I will definitely be all over creating another mood board, much to the chagrin of Matty K.

What has been on your mind lately? What do you do when you have something on your mind? Do you journal, think-it-to-death, act on thought, etc?

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