Second Place

The highest tides in the world occur in Canada, in the Bay of Fundy, measuring 53.5 feet (that’s taller than a 3-story building). I can’t get over how completely insane this is! What I found out when I moved to Anchorage was that it comes in as a close second with tidal ranges up to 40 feet.

Say what?!

I know!

40 feet. That’s a whole lot of water.

I live near the coastal trail which runs along the Cook Inlet and I enjoy my runs (and walks with RiRi) during low tide and watch as the tide slow…ly comes in. In keeping in step with my post from yesterday, 10,000 Reasons, I paused for a moment to stand in awe and wonder of tides as I went for a walk with my pup. I also stumbled upon this time lapse video of some beautiful shots of the northern lights and also of the tides.

Can this world be any more beautiful? And this photography/videographer has some mad skills! Give him some mad props!

Video & Photography by Zan Butler

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