I wrote a few weeks back about making some tweaks within my home. Well, It’s about time I get to showing a few of those tweaks. I have posted many times about the dining room, but it’s because it is a room that I deem to be the most important room in a home; well, actually I believe the kitchen is the most important. But I rent and my kitchen is a galley style so I won’t be ripping out walls and adding an addition to the home in order to create a more cohesive entertaining/eating/living space. I digress.

The dining room. The most important. Check.

I believe in making a home not only for those who live within its four walls, but for guests who share life with you and become a community. I don’t mean this to sound cheesy, but in all honesty I have created my home with others in mind. When people come to visit, I notice where people gravitate. I have decided where to place seating (even though I may not have purchased 90% of that seating to-date) and what type of furniture will best suit for entertaining based upon my observations when guests visit. Matty K and I both like to entertain and with no dining room furniture in our possession when we moved in it was on the top of our priority list to complete.  Seven months later and I am still working on it.

While my parents were in town a few weeks ago, they went up to Talkeetna for a weekend and Matt and I stayed in Anchorage. I had been debating whether or not I wanted to move the rug from the dining room to the family room. I hadn’t told Matt because I didn’t want him to be annoyed with my flakiness after all the time I spent finding a rug I really liked for the dining room and then moving it to another room. I had mentioned the idea about the rug swap to my mom and she liked it. So I threw the towel in and while my parents drove to Talkeetna and Matt was at work I put my (girl) muscles on and went to work myself.

The before photo is below. I haven’t had the chance to lower the lamp as of yet. I know the lamp is a bit higher than most pendants, but in real life this pendant is quite large and I didn’t want to hang it traditionally low because this room is in the center of the house and if too low it obstructs the view and looks a bit awkward. Believe me, I tried it while my electrician was here in February. He spent an hour with me as I went back and forth with the height. I am pretty sure I was a major headache. I think 4″ will do the trick, but we shall see. The white chairs from CB2 that I mentioned in a video blog are going to be returned since the wire chairs I had originally wanted are coming my way. Yippee!

First I moved the dining room rug. The 5×7 was too small for the space, but the 8×11 was too big. Notice how the door always swept across the edge when I opened the door leading to the backyard. I was afraid it would fray the rug over time.

After moving this bright and cheerful guy (this rug is definitely a “guy”) I went into the family room and rolled up the Crate and Barrel shag rug I had purchased over four years ago. It was a nice rug back in the day, but the colors are too dark and the shag is all crazy shaggy now with owning a dog. No matter how many times I vacuum this bad boy I can’t get Rider’s fur out of it. I had planned on getting a new rug eventually so I decided that the day had finally arrived.


This room hasn’t been touched. As you can see I still have pictures in frames to the right of the tv that still need to be hung. Someday I will get to it. Some…Day…..

Currently the shag rug is sitting behind the couch. Once again I will use the phrase, “someday I will get to it.” Oy!

After the rugs were rolled up and dusting and vacuuming had commenced I moved the bright and cheerful gray/yellow rug to its new home and instantly the mood changed in the room. It was feeling more like a cheerful room and I actually wanted to get started with redoing this room as well, but I.Must.Finish.All.Current.Projects.

The dining room feels brighter, too. I am sure I will get a rug or at least a runner in front of the patio door and the buffet, but for now I like it. It feels brighter and easier.

Maybe it’s just the flowers, though. 🙂

I know I will have to create or at least buy a pre-made bolster and then cover it with some bright, cheery fabric. This is my crappy and quick photoshop rendition of a bolster. Yep, you can laugh. I cringed and chuckled to myself.

So a “new” dining room and living room via a few tweaks. What are you changing in your house? What room do you deem most important and why? Oh, and I almost forgot the best part of the whole switcheroo. When Matty K home and saw the changes and I explained why I made the swap he said, “serendipity.”

I couldn’t agree more.

One thought on “Serendipity

  1. I don’t think you had the throw haning off the metal ladder against the bookcase when we were there, I like it. I like how you changed out some of the pillows in the room also. Maybe a runner in a sisal would work well along the patio door and buffet? Whatever you do I know it will look great, you have a good eye.
    I am trying to find new lamps for my living room, it has been months now and I still haven’t found the right ones, throw some ideas my way if you get any.

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