World English Dictionary:

(Definition of “tweak”)

tweak  (twiːk)
— vb
1. to twist, jerk, or pinch with a sharp or sudden movement: to tweak someone’s nose
2. slang motor racing  to tune (a car or engine) for peakperformance
3. informal  to make a minor alteration

I tweaked my neck. I have no idea how, but this tweak (which was a minor inconvenience two days ago) has become a full blown annoyance. I turn my head to the left and *ouch* it hurts. I look down and *ouch* it hurts. It actually sends pain down my shoulder and up my neck to my head. I may have slept on it wrong the other night and maybe a visit to my chiropractor will get me back in shape.


Yesterday morning I woke up with a massive headache (I’m sure it was from the change of weather) and it was the type of headache where you can feel your heartbeat in your forehead. I headed out for a morning track workout, 2 x 400’s at mile pace (to get the blood going) and then 4 x 1 mile at race pace. Not a real difficult workout, but I could feel that headache each step of the way. In between each mile I stretched and as I bent over to (attempt) touch my toes I could actually feel my eyes pulse to the beat of my heart as the pressure built up. My workout wasn’t the greatest, in fact it was downright slooooooooow (8:45 pace – insert grimace), but I did it.

Why am I complaining so much? Why complain about my aches and pains and about a tweak in my neck? Good question and would someone please throw something at me before I keep going?! Ha! Actually, I thought of my bad attitude yesterday as I began my run. I used to run with an iPod and listen to podcasts or music, but while training for the Chicago marathon, I met this pretty awesome friend/mentor who is a serious kick-butt, knowledgeable, wise and funny runner who became my running buddy and I nixed the iPod during our runs together and then I nixed it all together when she said she ran without one (what can I say? I’m a total follower). This little act of ditching the iPod has been good for me in more ways than one. In fact, I know that running without one made me more aware of the traffic along the streets while running in S.Carolina and I now I spend most of my runs praying and talking with God. Yesterday morning’s run began no different, but instead of talking “with God”, I was talking “at God.” I was telling him all about my aches, my heavy legs, my empty stomach, my disappointment in a lack of a career (not job), and much more. It was such an ugly rant and then I was reminded of something my husband, Matty K, has been telling me (at least every other week), “You’re greatest challenge is your attitude.”

I need not complain of how gross I felt, but rather welcome it as a challenge to workout my brain in staying positive. I needed to “tweak” my thoughts and not accept every single one that popped in my head. So as much as you may think my above rant really is just that, a rant,  it’s just about “keeping it real”. I have read so many blogs where everyone seems to put on their best, shiny selves, but that’s just not me. I’m ineloquent, I can be negative and I struggle with allowing God to “tweak” areas in my heart that are just plain gross.

This is why I run. Running is my “tune-up” not only in the physical sense, but also mentally. The tweak in my neck and my headache yesterday are just a challenge; a bump in the road. I do not look at my workout as a total loss. I fought for each one of those laps and I do not dwell on my splits. I do not look at the lack of having my “dream job” as a failure on my part, but rather a challenge to continue to seek God to make me into the person who he wants me to be and not what he wants me to do. I will continue to fail forward and make tweaks in my life and attitude where a little bit of maintenance is needed.

But, seriously, anyone know how to work out a kink in the neck?

Speaking of “tweaks”, I have been doing a few tweaks in my home as well. I was in a rut with some things in my bedroom and dining room, but since my mom and dad are in town to visit, I’ve been picking my mom’s brain for a few ideas and she helped me with one idea for my bedroom. I’ll be back to share the “tweaks” for the bedroom in the next post. Stay tuned.

Sneak peak of new bedroom colors (I think):

What areas of your life are you tweaking? Do you believe in mind over matter? Anyone need a slow running partner (*cough, cough* like me)?

2 thoughts on “Tweaks

  1. I tweaked my neck several months ago and slept with an airplane at night. poor paul-haha. i had pain for at least a month but i’m sure your chiropractor will make it go away sooner! maybe it comes with being 30?(: I listen to Joyce during my runs and she always reminds me to stop being such a selfish poophead (i need the reminder every day) but I agree it’s a good time to pray and talk with God. I like your bedroom colors. and 8:45 pace sounds pretty awesome to me esp for being sick!

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