Morning Drive

Have I mentioned that I live in the most beautiful place on earth? There are so many beautiful places to see in this world and each place I visit has its own unique beauty, but Alaska, well it deserves its very own category of beautiful. Unfortunately for the past week (+) it has been cloudy and yucky. The snow has melted except for a few giant snow banks in parking lots that don’t get much sun, and the trees are budding, but overall it’s gray and yucky. Today, however, the sun made an appearance and so I decided that a drive down the Seward Highway was needed. If you aren’t familiar with Anchorage (or Alaska in general) the Seward is the most scenic highway in Alaska and it takes ten minutes to get on it from my house. It never fails though, each time it is sunny and I drive south it gets cloudy. Ha! Either way it was a nice hour long drive where I saw spectacular views and enjoyed my coffee and bible study in this place I get to call “home”.

This is the full Seward Highway route, but I only drove to “Bird Point Scenic Overlook“.

What did you do today? Do you plan on making a trip to Alaska to cross off your bucket list?

Here is my day in photos (up until 1:00pm Alaska time) and a video of a portion of my morning drive…enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Morning Drive

  1. Jen these pictures are just wonderful, I commented on the pictures you’d posted on FB and said Alaska was definitely on my “bucket list”. Looking at these pictures I’m convinced it’s a must. I don’t understand how anyone can look at beauty such as this and not believe in the greatness of God. and how much He truly loves us.
    Keep writing Jen, I love my “travels” with you.

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