Alllllmost There

My mom is the most determined and creative woman I know. I probably should have bragged about her when I wished her a “happy birthday” last week, but I figured that I would have plenty of opportunities to brag about her like today. She is a wonderful painter and I only wish that she had kept so much more of her work than she did. In the 80’s and early 90’s my mom and grandma sold their work at craft shows. I know, I know this must conjure up strange images of crappy craft shows where (sorry if this is describing you who may be reading this) one is sitting in a booth selling pitiful artwork, crocheted hot pads, and things with too much glitter and beads glued to it that you can’t quite tell what is going on with this piece of “art.” Ha! No, my mom and grandma were quite the duo. My grandma (aka: DeeDee) was the sewer, pattern maker, and wreath decorator (she is the most wonderful creator of floral arrangements) and my mom was the woodworker, painter, and anything else in-between. I have fond memories of assisting my grandma with small sewing projects, watching my mom paint and make sawdust as she worked at her bandsaw. The greatest part about their work is that my sister and I were responsible for running the “booth.” My older sister (the Money Master) collected money and I made sure no one had sticky fingers. Seriously, I watched little kids and adults like a hawk. My mom and grandma had the neatest setup for a booth. They made it look like an actual “shop” and I think everyone gravitated toward their booth because it wasn’t just a tent plopped up in a middle of a field, but they took the time to set it up and merchandise their products in a very appealing way.

Yep, I am pretty sure that  my love of DIY, Etsy, and decorating started at a very early age. If Etsy had been around in the 80’s, my mom and grandma would have rocked your socks off. No joke. One day, I will find items they created and show you folks how darn creative they really are.

Looking back at this time in my mom’s life, I have come to appreciate how creative she really is and how she has the best “go get ’em” attitude. She once painted the entire outside of our house in Wisconsin (two stories, people!  And a different color on the trim) which took her almost an entire summer. When my dad traveled on business (which was quite often with his job) my mom would get an idea for a room and would ensure that it was completed while my dad was gone. I kinda thought she was crazy growing up because I thought it looked “fine” before, but there was no stopping her.  She was a paint brush flinging, painting, rearranging, crazy woman and I have come to the realization that I am becoming (or I have become) just like my ma!

Matt returns home tomorrow and I have realized that I am on this same mission to get a few things done while he is gone. I do it for two reasons. The first is because he seems to get a bit anxious when I do things around the house because I make a gigantic mess in the process. I always make it all clean and organized after it is all said and done, but an “artist” has got to work and this may mean I make a mess in the process. Ha! (I use the term “artist” as a joke here, people. So if you are an artist, don’t get your tail feathers all ruffled.) The second reason is I like to surprise him. For instance, I am cleaning up the backyard and I picked up a Weber grill for him since we don’t always want to use the gas grill. Unfortunately I am horrible with surprises and I already told him over the phone that I bought one for him. I try. :/

I picked up a craigslist buffet while he was away and moved it into position last week and I suppose I have my mom to blame thank for my determination to get this stinkin’ dining room complete. Unfortunately I did not pick up on her sense of urgency. I prefer to take it all in stride; choosing things that I really like and are within my budget. The dining room is almost done. There are a few more things that I need to complete, but then I can stick a fork in this room and call it done!

To Do: 
– Buy fabric for cushion and upholster cushion
– Potential runner in front of buffet?
– Eventually refinish the buffet and paint legs
– Create a chalkboard for side of shelf
– Search for horizontal gray/white stripe curtains

What have you been up to? Any rooms that are taking…much…longer…than anticipated? Do you like working on a budget? Clue a girl in to what you are working on or what you hope to do in the future!

Enjoy the video of the dining room and enjoy the weekend.

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