Hung Up

The back of the bench is hung up, but I am “hung up” on the current status of this dinner party crasher (you can read all about how the dining room bench crashed a dinner party here). Remember when I wrote in my last post in the “less is more” approach and didn’t include photos of me measuring the wall for the hanger and then taking photos of the cleat/hanger mechanism? Well, I should have because maybe (just maybe) as I was snapping photos of the process I would have had a lightbulb moment to ensure that this didn’t happen:

In the first photo you see about a 3″ gap between the back and the bench and in the second photo you see about a 1″ gap between the green foam and the back. Yeah, that’s not supposed to be like that (and I’m not talking about the green foam that still needs to be upholstered). I am referencing the 1″ gap you see between the bench and the one-day-hopefully-soon-I-will-have-a-useful-cushion.

When Matt and I lifted this puppy onto the wall, plopped the green foam future cushion on the bench, and stepped back to take in the view, I immediately saw the gap, pointed, and asked “what is that?!”

And cue the lightbulb moment! (A bit delayed).

When I had measured and drilled the hanger into the back of the wall, I had measured to leave a 2″ gap for the cushion (which is 2″ thick as well), however I did not take into consideration that the cleat on the back that rests into the hanger sits about 1″ taller than the hanger on the wall. Therefore I currently have a 3″ gap between the bench and cushion when I only wanted 2″. I wanted the back to just lightly touch the top of the cushion and now it screams at me, “Ha-ha look at me. Look at how much space I have!” (I just gave it a gruffy voice in my head when I typed that. Seriously.)

Matt said not to worry about it, and I’m not worried. I’m annoyed. Now I have to take the back down. Unscrew the hanger. Patch the four screw holes. Measure 1″ lower. Drill four new holes. Hang back of bench.

Oh the joy of DIY!

Side note: You may be wondering why I chose to make a bench/back for the dining room and there really is only one reason. It was the only option that I liked. Our dining room isn’t really a “dining room”. I believe at one time it was the kitchen in the house before it went through a remodel about 20 years ago. The previous owners had their dining room table in the same space but it was centered in the room (no bench). I felt like it obstructed traffic flow into the other rooms in the house with the table centered in the middle of the room. I saw this bench/dining room table on Pinterest months ago and I had a lightbulb moment to do the same in my space (knowing that it won’t look as cool but wanting it nonetheless).

Anyway, I just wanted to post a FAIL in the DIY category and let you know it’s ok if you fail, too. Let’s sit in the boat of shame together. 🙂

Moral of the story: Mistakes happen, but remember to always “mind the gap”. If you have been to London and have ridden the tube then you know what I am referencing. If not, this video explains it all. If only I had this voice yelling at me when I was installing the back of the bench.

Cheers to the weekend!

(And a happy birthday shout out to my sis-in-law, Lauren!)

One thought on “Hung Up

  1. Couldn’t you add some batting to the top of the foam to make up the “gap” difference? Taking everything down and redoing seems like a lot of work! It really does look good though.

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