Bedroom Crashing

Let’s crash my house again, shall we? Let’s take a peek at my bedroom. It hasn’t budged an inch since we moved in. I should clarify on the “since we moved in” part since I was in Ethiopia when Matty moved all of our stuff into the home on his own. Bless his little heart. Seriously. I digress, but the point is that this bedroom is exactly how it looked when I walked into it on November 5, 2011. I take that back, I swapped a dresser from the guest bedroom since the scale of the dresser that once was in the guest bedroom was too large.

angle #1 (from doorway)

angle #2

angle #3

angle #4

angle #5

Currently, this room does not look like this anymore. Nope, it suuuuure doesn’t. It’s no where near being complete, but let’s just say it’s a far cry from this yellow/beige-depressing-hole-of-a-room. Where do I begin with how this room does not work? I like lists, so let’s do this “list style”.

1) The wall color. Oy! I don’t know what to call it, but it’s a cross between yellow and beige and it is not a good color. At. All. You know it’s a bad color when even your husband asks when the bedroom is going to be painted because he doesn’t care for the color. Almost every room in the house (to include our main living areas) was this color and it is a very unsettling (and sort of depressing) “hue”.

2) The curtains. They came with the house and the only nice thing is that they are black out shades which (during this time of year) are nice to keep all that light out. Side note: The sky is still light until after 10:00pm. Let’s see about this after midnight thing in a few months. Back to the curtains…they don’t close properly, meaning that I have to pull on them a bunch of times to close the gap so no peeping Tom neighbors get to see my girl parts. The curtains are too long and dark for the space as well. Case in point, see how they get caught between the bed frame and the wall? I don’t want any squishing going on with my wall coverings. I think that’s a simple request.

curtain squish

3) The bedding. It was supposed to serve as “temporary bedding” while we waited for our household goods (aka: bed) to be delivered when we lived in SOUTH CAROLINA. Yep, temporary my butt, unless “temporary” means three years. I want something light and airy. I’m a sucker for white bedding.

4) Rider’s “house”. It’s an eye sore. I love my dog, but it has to go. It served a purpose when I lived with my parents for two months before I moved to Arizona. They required that he be kept in his “house” while I was at work. I’m pretty sure I moved away five years ago so his house can go.

5) The tall dresser. I don’t plan on getting rid of it, but I do plan on painting it, switching out the hardware, and fixing the corner of one of the drawers. Rider was depressed and frustrated when I first moved to Arizona and one day, while I was away from home, he chewed on the corner of the drawer that I had left open. Strange, I know.

evidence of Rider's rebellious days

6) Lighting. I don’t plan on changing out the ceiling lights…yet. They are placed in no particular location that actually makes sense and I would rather have an electrician come in and drill a new hole and center a new light fixture, but that ain’t gonna happen since I rent this home. Who knows maybe the boob lights will grow on me (you can see why I call them boob lights). But I am going to take down the random holder for an old smoke detector and spackle/paint the holes.

boob light #1

boob light #2

This is everything I don’t care for and/or need to change, but I won’t be doing a whole bedroom swap. No, I don’t have the energy, desire, or the money to do that, but I do have ideas and most of these ideas incorporate using what I already own. To include the red rug from Matt’s bachelor days. I am hesitant to even type “red rug”, because I am not a fan of red. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the color and what people do with red in their own homes, but it is not a color that I gravitate toward. Never have and I probably never will. But since I am trying to reuse and recycle items in my home, I settled on using the rug in our bedroom rather than leaving it rolled up in the basement corner of our bedroom.

it blends in with the wall color

I searched for inspiration in color choices with “red” and I found this little hot dog on design-seeds:


Here’s a quick snapshot of what I am thinking for this room.

I’m gonna break it down “list style” once more to see what I hope to accomplish:

1) Paint the walls. I plan on painting them the same color as my main living areas. The color is Tightrope from Olympic in Low-VOC.

2) Swap the curtains for a white roman shade to keep it bright, but the neighbor’s eyes out.

3) New bedding. I am digging West Elm’s white duvet with black embroidery (looks like polka dots from far away) for a little punch of design.

4) Paint the dresser and install new hardware. In my inspiration board, the taller dresser looks black, but it’s a dark gray. I am loving the thought of a dark glossy gray and either gold or black hardware. I’ll keep you posted. By the way, the other Ikea dresser (and bed) will remain the same and not be painted.

5) New lamps. I would love a clear lamp base like the one in the inspiration board from Crate & Barrel. I also am going to need two lights for the either side of the bed.

6) Side Chair. I love different textures of fabric or of furniture and these natural wood chairs from West Elm seem to fit the bill. The pillow that is on the chair in the inspiration board is a Missoni for Target pillow that I picked up on clearance. I looove the pillow.

7) Accessorize. I want to bring in a round mirror to mix up the shapes a bit (everything in this room is like a big rectangle: the bed, rug, dressers, windows, etc) and (maybe) paint it. I need to make this room more zen with some greenery, too. I have a serious crush on succulents and I would love to see them in the bedroom. Another side note: While I lived in South Carolina I had this amazing wall planter of succulents that hung on the wall in my porch and it was too difficult to take along on the move to Alaska so I left it with my mom in Michigan. I miss that bad boy. He kinda looked like this. Uh-mazing, right? Someday I will have another…

via apartment therapy

We will see if this room lives up to my standards and to Matt’s. So far, the walls are painted and I have a new duvet and it is much brighter. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all will be well in the bedroom with the red rug.

What are you decorating right now? Do you like the color red? If so, how do you incorporate red into your home?

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Crashing

  1. oh jean, i can’t believe that you have to look up at booby lights! makes me laugh. i like the plan stan and how did you do that neat snapshot where you put all the inspiration together?
    i like red but only in accents. in dc i painted my bedroom a sky blue and added red accents in pillows and accessories kind of like this:
    i agree about all white bedding-i bought this duvet cover at target while i was home over christmas :
    my bedroom now continue to have red in decorative pillows, art, and in these bold yellow, red, orange curtains. i will take a pic one of these days when my bed is made-haha.
    i’m finishing up decorating my living/dining space but my wheels are spinng for the bedroom. i want some modern white lamps to contrast with my black side tables and i’m wondering if i can make a headboard like this?
    i’m also in love with blue and orange combos and really want my bedroom to look like this:
    so will you let me know if it is super annoying that i always comment so much on your posts? i feel like a stalker. i should just get my own blog, i talk too much on yours!

    • I love the plans! I have seen the duvet there at Target (the white one) and in fact I was there a few months ago with a friend and she picked it up for her bedroom. πŸ™‚
      And keep commenting away, but I fully support you if you want your own blog…I think is available. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m almost inspired to do my room….almost, maybe after I’m done unpacking the 30 boxes in the garage. I love white bedding too, but with the kids etc…..we can’t maintain it. I love what you are doing with your room, so Jenish….

    I love the color red, go figure…..but for decorating probably more in splashes. I tend to like earth tones & some color for effect. I’m hoping to do my bathroom first in tones of blue….something like a spa theme

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