My Man

It’s Saturday morning and I got into a tiff (already) with Matty K. The confusing part is the fact that I got upset about his baking. He has been on a sourdough kick since his parents came to visit and his dad made a sourdough starter for him. The dough itself is quite sticky and I spent one hour cleaning the kitchen after Matty’s escapades in the kitchen yesterday where he cured and baked his own bacon and worked on his sourdough. Matt made another batch of sourdough last night and when I went into the kitchen this morning I found, once again, a mess of dried dough stuck on everything in the kitchen sink. I was upset and I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

Afterward, I came into the office and I began to upload a few photos from my camera onto the computer and I melted when I saw the photos of Matty. What can I say? He’s got me hook, line, and sinker. And, seriously, why am I upset that my kitchen is a mess because he cooks and bakes? Yep, I’ve got it pretty good. Oh, by the way, you have to try out this tikka masala recipe Matt made last night for dinner (eat your heart out, ladies – he is seriously the best cook and he always has been. Why do you think I married him?). Matt and I have been on an Indian kick since there is a killer Indian restaurant down the street. We are going to stop by there tonight for their tikka masala and see how we can make our recipe even better. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, make this recipe! Happy Saturday even though mine started out not so “happy”.

my man

what a view!


my matty

he even looks good in tights

he lets me take a million (and one) photos of him

he bakes!

ooo…so pretty

he cooks!

even Rider loves it when Matty cooks

One thought on “My Man

  1. what? dad gave him sourdough too? sourdough wars bwt komatsu siblings is on(: jk. i’m impressed. looks better than mine! i will try tikka recipe this week. i was on an indian kick a while back and had mom and dad send all kinds of spices that have been waiting in my freezer.
    p.s. i don’t agree that he looks good in tights-haha!

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