Richly Loved

I am always amazed at how intricately God puts things together. For instance, over Christmas I received a copy of Francis Chan’s Crazy Love from my sis, Lauren. I (finally) began reading it a few weeks ago since I felt a pulling from God to begin to understand his amazing love for me, which is something I struggle with – understanding His outrageous love for me…for you. (You can read more about how I really view myself here.) Anyway, I also stumbled upon this song by Ashley Wright, Richly Loved, today. I actually heard this song once before performed by Ashley at the church I attended while living in Columbia, SC. Her husband, Travis, was a worship leader at the church and one Sunday she shared her testimony and then sang the most beautiful song. I can still remember how my heart stirred while I sat in the pew and she sang. I have actually forgot about the song until I stumbled upon it yesterday. The song is beautiful and the reminder from God is perfect. I needed to hear this song. Perhaps you do, too. Below is the song (you can download it for free or support the artist with any $ amount) and Ashley’s testimony.

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