Happy Friday Eve

In junior high I had a science teacher, Mr Aldridge, who wore silly socks with ducks on them and was way too excited about making solar system models, bunsen burners, and Thursdays. Yes, he liked Thursdays. He referred to Thursday as “Friday Eve” and he never failed to remind us it was “Friday Eve” each and every week. I have forgot many things I learned in that class, but I will forever remember his reference to Thursdays and I have found myself saying the same thing for the past seventeen years (I almost choked on my coffee when I saw that – seventeen years. I am completely aware that I am very young, even though I am approaching the “dirty thirty” in less than two months, but I am very uncomfortable with the fact that I can even say that I was in junior high that long ago). Eeek!

So, Happy Friday Eve, folks!

I have posted the past few Wednesdays a “house crashing” post and even though it is Friday Eve I figured what the hay, this is my blog so I can do whatever I want, right? Right. 

Matty’s parents and youngest sister visited us last week and the blinds I had ordered (you may remember them sitting on the floor from this post) still needed to go up one week before their arrival. I attempted to install them myself, but that was a joke. I think I may have to do some more strength workouts in order to balance the blinds while holding a level and then marking (with a pencil) where to drill the holes. Oy! I succumbed to defeat and opted to wait for help from Mr. Matt.


Blindless window

One morning, after a few cups of coffee, Matt and I went to installing the blinds. He asked why I was taking photos. I told him I was taking photos so I could have “before and after” photos, but really it was to capture documentation of his suh-weet outfit. Matt will definitely surprise me with what he throws on in the morning. This day he chose to show off his sweats from when he was in training to become a CRO (see the green feet?)


Rockin’ the Hanes sweatsuit

Anyway, I really do digress. Back to the blinds…

I ordered the blinds from blinds.com and they are the most expensive item in the whole room. They were on the more expensive side because they needed to be custom cut because of the strange width of the window and because I had requested a blackout liner (so our guests can have their beauty sleep during the long sunshine-y days of summer). Breakdown of the room costs (so far) can be found here.

It was a pretty simple process, but the instructions were loooong (and very tiny). But Matty pulled out the drill while I dug around for some plaster screws and a level. Within 20 minutes the blinds were up.


can you seem JenJen?


what would we do without power tools?

Let’s oooo and ahhh over them. 


With blackout liner lowered

Rider (as you can see) is clearly not impressed, but would rather sleep.


With blackout liner raised

Side note: I chose bamboo blinds for two reasons. 1) Curtains would have really made this already small room feel too heavy with the fabric from the curtains, bed and chair 2) I love the texture that bamboo blinds provide and the option to have the blackout liner raised or lowered.

So, I will raise a glass a blind to Mr. Aldridge and for his many wishes for a Happy Friday Eve! (And to Matty K for rockin’ the sweats like they are never going out of style!)

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. Yes, ooooooo ahhhhhhhh, looks very good. Is that one of Grandpa Ken’s golf trophy’s on the floor and is is painted white? You really have done a great job on this room, can’t wait to stay there! Mom

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