Spring is Springing

Photo: Jen Erickson

The phrase “Spring has Sprung” is definitely going to be much later than what I have been accustomed to while living in southern states. Alaska currently sits under a white blanket of snow, but there are signs of spring; snow banks are melting, streets are covered in slush and water, and the sun is out…until 8:30-9:00pm! Can I get a woo-hoo for the sun!

I was organizing photos on the computer today and I came across photos I took exactly one year ago while I lived in South Carolina. That state is in a perpetual state of blossoms and March was the best time of year because of the hundreds of dogwood that blossomed. These photos I snapped in my front yard and I am more thankful to see them now than I was last year when I took them. These blossoms are too cheerful to not share them with you. You can find more on my flickr page as well.

Before I head out for the delayed walk with the dog, I wanted to share the photos and a song that I listened to as I did a few edits. I hope you are enjoying Spring wherever you are…

South Carolina in bloom – 2011

Photo I took 1 year ago today of dogwood in my home.

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