Tuesdays (errrr…Wednesdays) With Rider

I have family in town which means my schedule and daily rhythm is a bit off. I am not complaining, but I definitely missed my “Tuesdays with Rider”. No worries, though, Rider had plenty of fun this past weekend and yesterday. In fact, my sis-in-law, Lydia, took Rider for a walk on the coastal trail last night to watch the sunset. He’s spoiled with too many walks, treats, kisses, and hugs.

I have no videos to share with Rider, but I do have a few photos of a silhouette of Rider that I made a little bit ago.

A few weeks ago I saw this on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to do something like this for Rider.

I have been wanting to make a silhouette of Rides (yes, Rides – it’s another nickname) for over a year now and this was far better (in my opinion) than the typical black silhouette on white paper. When I showed it to Matt he loved it but preferred no “bright” colors. Shucks. So I found an image of Rider through the thousands I have on file and opened up Photoshop Elements and created a silhouette I liked. From there I stopped by Michaels and picked up a frame, matt, and a can of gold spray paint. I gave the frame a few thin coats of spray paint and waited a few days and then gave Rider’s silhouette a proper home in the new frame. The photos below are taken in the guest bedroom, but now Rider hangs proudly in my bedroom. (The color looks to be black, but it’s actually a purple/blue – I sure wish it was pink or yellow. I will break Matty K in slowly, but surely.) 🙂

Actually, I think I may have even framed this on a Tuesday so I suppose it’s fitting. Enjoy your Wednesday wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays (errrr…Wednesdays) With Rider

  1. i love it! i don’t have to ask paul about colors because i’m pretty sure he is color blind-haha.
    i think i told you i embroidered a motto silhouette for an ornament (crap,this word is hard to spell, i had to scroll up to check how you spelled it(:) but i may just have to copy you on this if that’s ok? did they tell you how to do it on pinterest or do you use some sort of imaging software? do you use Gimp? that program confuses the heck out of me….

  2. Ha to Paul being color blind…I think I may secretly exchange Rider’s siluet (sorry, I had to throw that in there for good measure) for a bright yellow one in the future…

    You don’t have to ask me to do this…I copied the idea, too. I love it that you embroidered an ornament with Motto on it. In regards to making the silhouette it’s not difficult (I own Photoshop Elements 10), but you can use Gimp. I always feel like one when I use it, though. If you have a photo in mind, I can make it for you in 10 seconds and send it your way.

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