Tuesdays With Rider

Yesterday marked the five year anniversary since I adopted him. Wow! I can’t believe how fast time has gone.

Matty K, Rider and I went up to Arctic Valley right outside of Anchorage on Saturday and Sunday for a little backcountry splitboarding and I think Rider had the most fun. It is pretty stinkin’ cute to watch him romp around in the snow (face plowing himself into fresh powder) with his little booties on. I have bought over six pairs of booties for him and he always seems to lose one in the deep snow. This weekend Matty used duct tape over the velcro and those bad boys stayed on for the whole day. Go Matty! The three of us had a blast and were pretty pooped by the end of the day. Rider was pooped for the entire next day. The video below is where he lay all day (on his anniversary).

Last night Matty said to me, “I love him so much my heart is going to be explode.” (Or something close to that.) My heart melted a little bit when I heard him say that. Yep, it’s official, we adopted Rider and he stole our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Rider

  1. Awww! I love what Matt said! That was my favorite part. I think it broke my heart a little. Something about when a man loves a dog like that….
    I sure wish my hubby would be ok with the idea of us adopting! I’ve begged and begged. I’m on the humane society website constantly looking at puppy faces. đŸ™‚ Every once in a while I head down there just for a visit to say hello to all the furry little cuties.
    One of these days… one of these days…

  2. Happy 5 year anniversary Rider. I agree, it doesn’t seem like 5 years since your Mom first brought you home to live with us before she made the move out to Arizona. We have enjoyed having you around since the first day you came into our lives! Continue to take good care of Jen and Matt (eventhough Matt doesn’t need taking care of). Love you Rider! Grandma and Grandpa Erickson

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