Berfday Weekend

Matty K is thirty-five-years-old today yesterday. He looks good for an old man. 😉

I began to write this post yesterday and faced a few distractions – like celebrating Matt’s birthday!

I am so glad he chose me to live this life by his side. It’s been a very fun (and sometimes frustrating) 6+ years and I look forward to seeing all that God has planned for Mr. K.

On my side of the family, birthdays are a big deal. At least they were while I was growing up. It meant that my parents would start to say to me (days out from my actual birthday), “Well, Jen this is the last Friday that you will 8-years-old.” It was a little bit annoying, but I find myself doing it. I think Matt (secretly) likes it that I do the same thing. Why not when this weekend has become his “Birthday Weekend?!”

Actually, as I type this, I am attempting to make breakfast #2 for him (breakfast #1 was this dee-lish little guy yesterday morning) and to then hit the road for Turnagain for a little backcountry splitboarding.

Here’s to the weekend and to Matty K’s day of birth!

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