House Crashin’ Wednesday

The guest bedroom. The first room in my home that I can say is complete good enough for now.

I have no idea why I started in that room. I really wish I had taken before photos, but perhaps if I were to see the “before” shots I would understand why I started there.

For starters, there were two queen mattresses stacked on top of a box spring (think Princess and the Pea). The extra mattress was in the master bedroom before we purchased our latex mattress this past summer. We held on to it thinking that perhaps we would have a four bedroom home. Second, the curtains had to go. There were two different kinds to include a dark gingham/checkered print along with a textured sheer. This didn’t suit my taste and definitely didn’t work for one of the windows. It’s an awkward size (you can see it in photos on bottom of post). So, down these window treatments came and also the rearranging of the furniture.
** Actually if you look at photo below you can see old paint color and a tiny bit of the curtains **

Double the mattress. Double the fun.

I believe the curtain removal, furniture rearranging, and the craigslist of the extra mattress occurred about one week from my return from Ethiopia. The room was a disaster and as much as sweet Matty K (see how I buttered him up right there) unpacked all by himself, it still seemed a bit chaotic upon my return home. This space was small and most of the room would contain repurposed items I currently had. Translation: Use (most) of the items from my “bachelorette days” bedroom that Matt really doesn’t care for (he says it’s too girly).

To be honest, it’s not what I would like to keep around forever. But for now it works and for the total room makeover totaled $377.00. The breakdown:
Paint (to include spray paint for mirror and side table): $30.00
Curtains (I made) & clip rings (used current curtain rod): $54.00
Chair: $80.00
Blinds (you don’t see them yet, because they are on the floor – see below): $168.00 (biggest purchase because of blackout liner)
Accessories: $10.00

View looking into bedroom

Rider lays on this bed all day long. Don't worry, I do a massive cleaning off all bedding before I have visitors.

This is the awkward window I was talking about. Blinds go up later today

Notice box on floor. Those are the blinds for window. They look good on the floor, eh?

Here are the blinds. Looking pretty on the floor.

This is how Rider helps

I still would like throw bit of greenery (real not faux) into the mix along with a side table next to the chair. We’ll see. Either way, it’s ready for guests. To all my dear friends and family, the Erickson-Komatsu guest room is ready when you are (complete with all things girly according to Matty K.)

2 thoughts on “House Crashin’ Wednesday

  1. Jen, the room looks great, very restful. Is that the table we bought years ago for your dorm? Boy has that thing been around the block! Did you paint the table lamp also? Tell Rider we can sleep on the floor so he doesn’t have to give up his bed. Looking forward to staying there. Mom

  2. i love the before and after! great job! never would of thought of the color combos. those green curtains are exactly what i’ve been obsessing about making for my living room-i should just hire you to make them(: i’m scared to buy lots of fabric and just mess it up (fabric i found is kind of expensive in japanese stores so maybe just cheaper to buy curtains in the end-haha). also where did you get that adorable chair?? my favorite fixture in the room is rider(:

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