This state is feeling more like home every day and this weekend made me feel a teensy-weensy bit like an Alaskan (and not a tourist or a new transplant). I headed out to the Iditarod Saturday morning with camera in hand and joined the hundreds of other spectators who had gathered to watch the ceremonial start. I have a serious love for dogs and to be among the greatest in the world really got me anxious to see them up close and personal. They are ridiculously cute and ready to GO!

Iditarod 2012

But besides the ridiculously cute and furry dogs there seemed to be a fair amount of people who were “furry” and not so cute. Ha! What I mean is that it seems all the tourists had decided to visit the fur shops (it is the Fur Rendezvous after all) and buy a fur coat and/or hat. Some had opted for the traditional Inuit fur while others decided to go the more “fashionable” route and channel Zsa Zsa Gabor; complete with bronzer and bright lips. I met up with someone who I went to high school with (small world) and a few of her friends. One of her friends pointed out the tourist fashion faux pas and I had to smile not so much because of the tourists, but because I actually felt like an “insider”. Maybe no big deal to you, but to me this is a big deal. I have lived in three states and four homes in less than five years and even though I have tried to make the most of where I have lived, it never has quite felt like “home”. Standing on the streets of downtown Anchorage, I felt like I was “home”. It was the first time I could say that in a very long time and even though I consider my home to be wherever Matty K and I are together, I still long for this place called home. Who knows, maybe Alaska will be my forever home, but for now it is my home and I love it…complete with outrageous fur coats and bronzed-face tourists…

Home – Anchorage

Visit my flickr page for more photos from the weekend. What was your favorite part of the weekend? What is the favorite part of the place you call “home”?

One thought on “Home

  1. Jen, I feel so much better after reading this post……I have been praying that you would begin to feel like you “belonged”. I remember when we moved to Michigan and we were all trying to make this feel like our home. It was Christmas time and I had decided to bake cookies while the three of you were at school, I had also found a store that sold the Yankee Candle tarts, something I used when we lived in Spooner and I had one of those burning. The three of you came in the back door after getting off the bus and you stopped, closed your eyes, lifted your head and smelled the air. Do you remember what you said, ”
    “now it smells like home.” I was so happy to hear that statement just like I feel now reading your words.

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