Ineloquent Jen

My mind is usually going a million miles per hour and putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard allows me to slow down and gather my thoughts. I am unsure if I am able to make more sense of my thoughts, but one thing I do know is I feel a sense of peace seeing the words on paper or computer. My outlet is writing. I’m not necessarily good at it, but since when has that stopped me? (Actually, quite often). Well, I guess not this time. I am not always eloquent…I’m ineloquent, but I will continue to do what I like whether it’s impressive or not.
This space is first and foremost for me; capturing my life as I know it to be. No pretense. All me…as awkward as it may be. If you find it amusing/inspirational/silly then I suppose this space is for you, too.

(Me) attempting to use the timer on the camera. Fail.

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