My to-do list for 2013.

  • Be healthy (yoga, run, eat whole foods)
  • Be thankful (more)
  • Go outside and explore
  • Get inked


Here’s how my to-do list for 2012 fared:

  • Read. A lot.
     I started off strong and…then it…slooowed……..down. Try again, Jen. Book Club 2013 is my real goal.
  • Go Green (with *all* cleaning supplies)
    I had to go through and think of all things that I use to clean the house and I can officially say that I either use all of my own “homemade” cleaners or use those that are considered “green” and non-corrosive (like Seventh Generation liquid dishwasher detergent). I can give a rundown of what I use in my house in a future post. Check out this post for a few cleaners I use.
  • Get a J-O-B
    Done and done. And one that I really enjoy and compliments my interests. I’ll leave it at that, but know that it was a serious “journey” to get here.
  • Photograph even more and better
    Hmmm…I’m my own worst critic. I did use my instagram a lot more toward the end of the year, but I’ve had the account for over two years, and I was hoping to use my “real” camera more. This will be one goal that will be here year after year.
  • Run a half-marathon
    June 2012. Check.
  • Sew a dang skirt (I’ve only been saying it for 5 years!)
    Nope. But I sewed a ton of other s#@!. I still have no idea what I’m doing.
  • Volunteer within my community
    Yessum. One such endeavor led to my current job. Get out and volunteer, peeps!!
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga!
    No, No and No. I got a membership for my birthday and I have yet to use it. I do a morning sequence every day. Still doesn’t count.
  • Embroider more
    Not as much as I would like. Boo!
  • Conquer the backcountry on my splitboard (translation: give Matt a run for his money. Ha!)
    Not yet. But the turns are coming easier and new and improved gear always helps (don’t want to get snow down your pants. Yuck!)
  • Make a small-plot garden
    Yes. I grew bok choy, broccoli (which I didn’t pick in time so it sprouted), herbs, and carrots. Lots and lots of carrots.
  • Get the tattoo already!
    Call me chicken.
  • Make this house my home!
    Getting there.
  • Find a church in Anchorage
    Still on the hunt. Surprisingly I have found a number of opportunities that have supplemented my time away from a church. God is good.
  • Embrace my baby face youthful look
    I turned 30 in 2012 and I can honestly say that this year was probably the least I cared how young I look. Maybe by the time I’m 50, I won’t care. ;) 

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